Lower East Side Apartments

April 22, 2010

In 1999, Stephin Merritt, lead singer of the Magnetic Fields, sang, “I am the luckiest guy, on the Lower East Side.”  Today, just over ten years later, many residents of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, both male and female, seem to be walking around thinking that very same thought.  The Lower East Side, recently voted by New York Magazine as the number two most livable neighborhood in New York City, has fast become one of the finest places in Manhattan to rent an apartment.  Relatively low rental costs, incredibly vibrant City history, and a bustling and creative nightlife and cultural atmosphere make the Lower East Side a vital and exciting place to live.

The traditional boundaries of the Lower East Side are Houston Street to Canal Street, north to south, and the East River to the Bowery, east to west.  Originally an immigrant and working-class neighborhood, indicated by the tenement style buildings that prevail throughout, the Lower East Side achieved a reputation as a gritty, and eclectic section of downtown Manhattan.  This reputation was only heightened in the 1970’s and 1980’s when many of New York’s trailblazing avant-garde artists and musicians began to populate the area.  The Lower East Side was a hotbed of creativity; yet, one plagued by drug-use, crime, and poor building standards – conditions that life-time residents often admit to missing.

Along with many other lower Manhattan neighborhoods, the Lower East Side entered a period of gentrification over the last two and a half decades.  The starving artists and squatters gradually gave way to more successful artists, students, and young professionals.  Unlike other areas, the Lower East Side has managed to preserve its original character, while selectively adding new museums, galleries, boutiques, shops, and restaurants.  The area, always renown for its edgier nightlife, has seen an influx of bars and lounges, with owners dedicated to the preservation of the Lower East Side’s original character.

Average apartment rental costs in the neighborhood for a two-bedroom apartment stand around $2,300 a month, making the Lower East Side more affordable than other downtown areas and also offering competitive prices with nearby Brooklyn.  The convenience of location, only a seven-minute subway ride to Fulton Street in the Financial District, draws many young professionals to the area.  No doubt, gentrification is evident in the Lower East Side; however, the character of the neighborhood is irascible and there is still plenty of diversity evident.

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West Village Apartments – A Rental Guide for Families with Children

March 17, 2010

The dream, when realized, of living in New York City can often be tempered by the reality of the frenetic, seemingly non-stop pace of this most famous urban environment.  People unaccustomed to the movement, the lights, and the sounds of the big city, can become disillusioned upon first moving to Manhattan.  And this is not surprising, the City is undoubtedly overwhelming with its towering buildings leering overhead, reinforced by its precise grid system.  All of these factors contributing to a sense of awe; yet, one slightly tinged by a bit of anxious energy.  However, one must realize that within this vast metropolis there are places that defy the height and the speed seen everywhere else.  One of these oases, a place that can seem like a transplant from old world Europe, is the West Village.

With its origins as a small farming community, the West Village has undergone extraordinary change throughout the years; yet, it has retained its distinct identity – a quiet and beautiful section of town based on equal parts community and eccentricity.  For a family with children, wishing to settle in New York City while at the same time seeking a quieter life, one slightly off the beaten path, a rental in West Village Apartments would be the perfect choice.

Formerly known as “Little Bohemia”, the West Village is truly off the grid – the grid referring to the city layout above 14th Street.  Within the West Village you will find narrow streets lined with many refurbished buildings dating back to the 19th century; even some of the original farmhouses still stand.  The neighborhood, which runs from 14th Street to Canal Street and from Sixth Avenue, Avenue of the Americas to the Hudson River, is full of classic buildings – perfect for single families – green areas, and small squares, like Sheridan Square located at 130 Seventh Avenue.  Also, the West Village is noted for its pedestrian-friendly streets, with little vehicle traffic making it a perfect place for children to play.  Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and TriBeCa, some of the City’s safest neighborhoods, surround the West Village.

The West Village has a rich history.  Some of the City’s most creative residents have lived in West Village Apartments including: Dylan Thomas, who wrote some of his finest works at the White Horse Tavern (567 Hudson Street), and Bob Dylan, whose old apartment is a unique attraction (161 West 4th Street).  The area now hosts several celebrity families that have chosen to live in the West Village for its low-key appeal and sense of privacy.  In fact, many West Village Apartments and Townhouses share private community gardens, a design staple from the early 20th century.

The West Village is part of New York City Geographical District #2, of the New York School District.  It has one of the finest elementary schools in the City, Little Red School House (Pre-K to 8th Grade) located at Sixth Avenue, at Bleeker Street, associated with Elisabeth Irwin High School in nearby SoHo.  Unlike many other New York City neighborhoods, the West Village is delightfully free of large chain stores.  Instead the West Village has many small shops and markets in which to find household items, including the Abingdon Square Greenmarket (West 12th and Hudson Street), selling some of the finest produce and food items in Manhattan.

No matter where you work in the City, or where you and your family like to spend time, a rental in West Village Apartments would be the perfect choice – living at once in the City; yet, slightly removed from it, where your family can grow safely and happily.

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